AIK:s youth academy



Most of the time, I make short videos to news companies, often edit and deliver on location immediately. 

Ability to send clips directly from camera to ftp and sending live via LiveU with Nikon D5.

AIK:s youth academy

Trailer used in newspaper Aftonbladets sport sections (Sportbladet) social media to promote the article about AIK and their youth academy. Read the story here:

Photographer and edit: Pontus Orre
Reporter: Erik Niva

Funeral for Yunus

Yunus Görmek, one of the victims of the Reina night club attack, during his funeral ceremony, Istanbul, Turkey, January 2, 2017
Photographer and edit: Pontus Orre
Reporter: Kenan Habul

Laul i USA, del 1

Swedish newspaper and web-tv, Aftonbladet, sends reporter Robert Laul and photographer Pontus Orre to the US ten days before the election to hear what people have to say about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. To make the storys visual, they brought cutouts of the 2016 presidential candidates on the plane from Sweden to the US.

Story/vlog in 10 episodes made during 10 days. 

Laul i USA, del 2

Laul i USA, del 3

Laul i USA, del 4

Laul i USA, del 5

Laul i USA, del 6

Laul i USA, del 7

Laul i USA, del 8

Laul i USA, del 9

Laul i USA, del 10